Quiz Pee

Last updated on September 5, 2021

This application is expected to be published on all 3 platforms: web, iOS, and Android by the end of September 2021.

You can also check out https://www.quizpee.com for more information.

Play anytime, anywhere with quick quizzes from just 60 seconds: while on the bus, while waiting for your friends on a date, during the soccer break…

A great application for learning and entertainment, helping you learn English joyfully as playing a fun game.

Key features:

+ Doesn’t take much time. Just 1 to 3 minutes for a quiz.

+ New quizzes are added regularly.

+ Quiz with vivid visualizations.

+ Dark mode helps limit eye strain at night.

+ Review your play history and score.

+ Add quizzes to favorites to play later.